Junior Ranger Program

The goal of the BLM Barstow Field Office Jr. Ranger Program is to educate students about proper outdoor recreational use with an emphasis on Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) safety, while instilling a strong ethic for natural resources, to the extent that these future recreationists recognize their influence and responsibility to be safe, courteous, ethical, and considerate of other trail users AND the land.

We accomplish this goal by:

• Offering a traveling Jr. Ranger Program emphasizing safety, trail etiquette (good Citizenship), natural resource protection, and land ethics to the visiting public.
• Delivering the “On the Right Trail” interactive curriculum and educational materials for 3rd-7th grade students in California, which meets core educational standards.

Safety First

The Jr. Ranger Program’s motto is “Safety First, Every Ride, Every Time”. One of our goals is to educate parents and kids on the safe and proper use of ATVs in an effort to reduce crashes and injuries resulting from inappropriate ATV use.

We emphasize the ATV Safety Institute’s Golden Rules:

1. Always wear a helmet and other protective gear.
2. Never ride on public roads–another vehicle could hit you.
3. Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other drugs.
4. Never carry a passenger on a single-rider vehicle, nor more than an operator and passenger on a ATV designed for two persons.
5. Ride an ATV that’s right for your age.
6. Supervise riders younger than 16; ATVs are not toys.
7. Ride only on designated trails and at a safe speed.
8. Take a hands-on ATV Rider Course and the free online E-Course. Visit ATVSafety.org or call (800) 887-2887.

During this lesson, students will participate in various activities, which will include demonstrating safety gear: a helmet, eye protection, gloves, boots, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt. Students will then follow up by viewing the contents of the Personal Equipment Kit, Tool Kit, and Emergency Kit and then creating a safety plan.


Each of us has a responsibility as a citizen of the great state of California to learn how to be safe, ethical, and responsible in how we recreate. The future of our natural resources and our opportunities to recreate are dependent upon our actions. The Jr. Ranger Program provides information and learning opportunities which encourage safe, ethical, and responsible behaviors while recreating. What better gift to give our youth than that of knowledge and understanding? They are our future, and our future lies in their hands.

Program Content

The Jr. Ranger Program delivers the “On the Right Trail” OHV curriculum, the Tread Lightly and National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) messages to children & parents visiting public lands as well as elementary, middle, and high school students.

“On the Right Trail” meets California’s Core Educational Standards and Framework concepts in Science, Health Education and History/Social Sciences for grades 3-7. Each chapter has specific standard objectives or framework concepts which are met by the activities. Teachers can use these lessons and activities as tools in teaching and emphasizing Core Educational Standards and Framework concepts.

Teachers can schedule field trips to our visitor centers in El Mirage or Barstow or our Park Rangers can provide a traveling Jr. Ranger Program for various OHV venues and school events. We can also bring the program right into your campsite in our OHV areas or campgrounds.

Program Venues

The Jr. Ranger Program is offered at our Desert Discovery Center (DDC) located at 831 Barstow Rd. in Barstow, Ca. The DDC is a 7,000 square foot facility surrounded by eleven acres of public land located in the heart of Barstow, CA. The DDC is comprised of a unique partnership between the BLM and several government, educational, and non-profit organizations. As a result of this collaborative effort, the partnership created environment-based education programs for K-12 grade students.

The program is also offered, in partnership with the Friends of El Mirage, at the El Mirage OHV Area Visitor Center. This 4,000 square foot facility, built in 2008, provides maps, books, interpretive displays, environmental education, and other services to the visiting public. The El Mirage OHV area has proven to be a very popular destination spot for both motorized and non-motorized activities, casual recreation and organized events, commercial ventures, as well as educational outings and is visited by 80,000-100,000 visitors each year.

The Traveling Jr. Ranger Program will be delivered throughout the Barstow Field Office, specifically at dozens of recreation events and high use areas. These areas include El Mirage, Dumont Dunes, Ransor Road, Stoddard Valley, and Johnson Valley. Additional sites include the Calico Mountains and Juniper Flats. Other areas of program delivery include school districts in and around the communities of Hesperia, Phelan, Oak Glenn, Apply Valley, Victorville, Adelanto, El Mirage, Lucerne Valley, Oro Grande, Hinkley, Barstow, Newberry Springs, Daggett, Yermo, and Baker.

To schedule the Jr. Ranger Program at our Desert Discovery Center call (760) 252-6060 to visit www.desertdiscoverycenter.com

To schedule the Jr. Ranger Program at our El Mirage Visitor Center or campgrounds call (760) 523-0283

To Schedule a Park Ranger for an OHV or school event; group or family campsite call (760) 252-6011

This brochure was funded through the California State Parks OHV Recreation Vehicle Program.

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