Southern California Timing Association (SCTA)

Graphic for the Southern California Trail Association

The Friends of El Mirage would like to acknowledge the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) and their hard work in promoting recreation at the El Mirage area.

The SCTA is a non-profit, volunteer organization consisting of twelve individual clubs. The primary focus of the organization is to present Land Speed Racing (LSR) events for racing enthusiasts in and around Southern California, particularly at El Mirage. This group does not pay its employees, but rather, the proceeds are spent on the production of written materials and LSR events held.

The SCTA was incorporated by a group of men who enjoyed holding racing events in the El Mirage dry lake bed. This year marks the 61st anniversary of the first LSR racing event held in the area. There are four one-day events held each year during the summer months and two two-day races in the spring and fall.

Events are open to spectators, but each racing participant must be a member of one of the twelve clubs within the SCTA. For more information or to join one of the clubs in order to race, CLICK HERE.