Wind Wizards Landsailing Club

El Mirage is home to a variety of exciting activities that center around motorized recreation. However, most people don’t know that regular strong winds also make El MIrage a haven for wind propelled activities such as land sailing. The Wind Wizards Landsailing Club exists to promote, develop and participate in landyacht sailing, racing and design.

The club holds several racing events at El Mirage each year, the first event being in June at which a meeting is held for the entire voting membership. The Board of Directors has quarterly meetings to discuss official business and plan events. Regular Sail Days are held at El Mirage about every month. The rendezvous point for Wind Wizards is Sailors Bay, located on the south side of the El Mirage Dry Lake Bed, about 4 miles west of the entrance.

For more information, find them on Facebook under Wind Wizards Landsailing Club, or to fill out an application CLICK HERE.