Desert Tortoise Season

Picture of a desert tortoise.

Every year, once Spring has sprung, warm weather returns to the desert. This also means the desert tortoise will begin roaming the desert once again.

Visitors to El Mirage must take care to check underneath parked vehicles before driving and be aware of tortoises crossing the trails. Also remember, it is illegal to harass or remove them as they are protected by federal law.

Here are some fun facts about the desert tortoise:

Adult desert tortoises may survive one year or more without access to water.
Ravens have caused more than 50 percent of juvenile Desert Tortoise deaths in some areas of the Mojave Desert.
Much of the tortoise’s water intake comes from moisture in the grasses and wildflowers they consume in the spring.
95 percent of a Desert Tortoise’s life is spent in underground burrows.

Please be careful and respectful to the desert tortoises that cross your way during the coming spring and summer months.